viernes, 19 de abril de 2013


Week 15

Employees, idea 7
The first impression is always the final impression and will always be reminded and very complicated to be changed. It is important, when introducing a new staff member in your company, to create a kind of welcome pack, where you will explain general information about the company, a manual how to act and some general rules. This kind of welcome pack, will create an emotional link with your new employee.  He will feel comfortable, well received and very motivated.  This emotional link will be very use full later on, when he is going to do his job.  Here some ideas, when introducing your new staff member:

*Always try to receive your new staff member personal en a positive way, dedicating 100% to him.
*Make a presentation to all the other staff.
*Show him the installations.
*Explain him the introduction plan.
*Introduce a tutor, who will follow up and help the new employee, for the first weeks.
*Explain clearly all details of the contract.

As you can see, it is very important, to start well.  Like this, you will always end up well.

Clients, idea 8
Sensations are selling.  It has been proven, that consumer buying is for a big part created by the feeling and sensation they receive into your store. Your sales point, should transmit this feeling. The first, a client motivate to enter, is your store front.  (windows, door, general image).  The use of the right visuals should motivated them to enter.  (important to have the doors always open, as they invited to enter.
Once in the store, the right lighting, music and smell should create the exact sensation, you want to transmit.  A well organized and clean store, will give a very positive feeling.  The fact, that consumers can easily touch and or try your products, will motivate them to consume.
Don't forget,..consuming is a total emotional process.

Internal system, idea 7
Nobody likes to wait. Nor your clients.  One of the major problems in a store, is that your clients have to wait.  They have to wait, to be served, to receive their product or when paying.  It is important, to organize your store, the way you eliminate above situations. 

How can we organize this?
*Always provide enough employees in peak sales moments.
*Remind your employees, that client service is PRIORITY.  (the rest becomes secondary and can be done later)
*When there is a waiting line of more that 4 clients willing paying, automatically open a new extra paying terminal, in order to reduce above waiting line. 

It is clear that your employees, have to understand the importance of a good client service.  Today it is  probably, the most important part of the success of your business.  By creating a good and well organized system around, you will be able to have perfect service oriented company.  You will be different than your competitors.

miércoles, 10 de abril de 2013



In line with our previous posts about your website, we like to explain you something more about the kind of possible eventual buyers could visit your website.  It is important to know, what kind of visitors, are surfing into your site, as you will have to adapt your marketing strategy, to each of them.  

So forget the mass marketing publicity and try to focus on each particular consumer group.

Your web site, should reflect and reach each of the consumer groups, with a clear message.  However, concentrate your efforts, mainly on the ones, who could give your a major sales result.

The four major potential buyer groups are:

The Window Shoppers: The ones, who mainly surf the web, to see products and or services, without a real interest in buying something.  It is like the people on a sunday, in a shopping mall,....a day trip with the family, just spending the afternoon. without any intention to buy. Sometimes, they can get motivated to buy something, if there is a real offer, retailer, you should take care of them but not focus too much on them.

The Shopping Freaks: The ones, who really visit your web and buy.  Those clients, need to be take care of.  It is a client, who demands a personal, quick and easy service. They are the ones, who generate your repeated benefit. So, put them on a statue.  
A specific VIP membership App, could be a an answer.

The New Internet Users: The ones, who are new and not familiarized with the online buying.  They mainly have suspicion and will be very reluctant with your website.  Once they feel, that your site, is to be trusted, they can become a real consumer.  In order, to change their opinion, it is important to adapt  your website, the way, that the terms, conditions and guarantees are clearly mentioned.  Integrated opinion polls and client reviews, can help them, to become a real shopping freak.

The Best Price Shopper: The ones, who just surf your web, to find the best price offers.  It is a client, who is not reliable and switches, until he finds the best price offers.  As retailer, it is important, not to fall into the idea, that your website is visited only by above possible consumers.
Their exist a real danger, when focussing to much on above, to lower your prices permanently too much, thinking, that it is the only way to sell more, with a logical drop of your benefits.  A special 'Sales Offer' segment in you web, could be a solution.

As you can see, when setting up your website, it is important, to try to catch each of above possible consumer groups.  So it is necessary, to offer a segment in your web, covering the specific needs of each of them.
Like this, you will be able to respond on each.
So start your analyze and adapt your website.