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Week 29

Internal systems, idea 8
'DO WHAT YOU TELL'.  In order to gain the confidence and the motivation of your staff, you have to maintain your promises and keep your word.  Often, just words are not enough and you have to show your capacity with acts.  'ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS'.
When promising promotions, incentives in order to sell more, be able and sure that you will be able to cumplish them.
The best way of motivation and gaining respect as manager, is being on the field with your people.  So, not just only training on the book, but also together in the field, store,...showing your capacities, working together with them.

Clients, idea 9
Using 'open questions' is probably the best way for your sales staff to understand the needs of the clients, visiting your store. However, be carefully, some questions, like 'Can I help you?? can already close the interest of the client and give a very short 'No' or 'I am just looking' of the client.  
It is the art of asking 'open questions' to the client, creating a door to open and start the conversation.  Open questions, are needed.  Your salesman should learn to listen, understand and be able to give the answer on the doubts your clients have.  It is important that your sales staff is listening concentrated when talking with the client, know its products and is able to convince with clear arguments.  
By own experience, when entering a client in our stores, I like to greet the client with a smile, explaining that all our products exist in various sizes and colors.  If any questions, we are available. After 10 minutes, we walk around the store, organizing the products, but listening and observing carefully (without annoying) to the conversations, clients have between them.  Most of the time, client have doubts on the products and we use this doubts to offer explanations and opening the road to start a deeper conversation with the client.  The ice has been broken and we start asking more details to the client, what he really is looking for. Often, the client feels comfortable and more open and we are able to answer on the needs of above.  This results most of the time in final sales and or a detailed product and price offer.  (with often a final order later on).

Employees, idea 8
'CALL THEM WITH THEIR NAME'.  It has been proven, that calling your staff by its name is motivating them and feeling them part of the company.  So, make the habit before visiting your store, to memorize the names of the people working.  (even if you have a lot of stores and employees)
By experience in our stores, all sales staff has a badge with its first name only, creating a very personal and comfortable link between the client and the store.
It is a part of this very important good feeling and the way you want to present your total concept.  Often you will be perceived different than other competitors.

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