viernes, 29 de marzo de 2013


Talking about Tous, is talking about the famous little bear, worldwide image of this Spanish jewellery family company, based close to Barcelona, Spain.  It was founded in 1920 and today sells its products around almost 400 stores around the globe, having a turnover of a roughly 320 milions euros. 
Tous is not just a some jewellery,.. it is image, concept, a cult lifestyle, offering a wide range of fashion accessories like bags, jewellery, leather goods and perfumes.

Its always returning cute little sympatic bear image returns in almost all its products and is the perfect marketing image a company can dream of. It is the redline through out the story of Tous. The perfect icon, a company needs. The apple of the famous Apple company.  What should Rosa Oriol, during her visit to Milan, have seen in an innocent little toy in a window shop in Milan.

In the last years, the company has been increasing and changing its familiar way of working into a more profesional company, with an open structure and management mentality, still respecting its typical Tous family image. 
Exporting more than 60% of its turn-over, it is the world image of famous people like Kylie Minogue and Jennifer Lopez.

Today, Salvador Tous, de presidente and owner of the company, together with her wife Rosa and their 4 daughters, have shown a tremendous energy and creativity, to manage this amazing very sucessfull concept.
Market leader and cult icon in Spain, Tous is focussing its strategy to conquer the rest of the world.  Their is no doubt, that they will succeed.

Have a look inside the Tous family company...

Or have a look to some of their collections....just click on the Tous Collection.

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