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Talking about the 'de kringloop winkel' is talking about an other form of retailing.  The more social retailing.  The kringloop concept you will find mainly in the Flemish part of Belgium and also in Holland.   However, they do work completely independent.  

'USED THINGS HAVE A STORY, OUR PEOPLE TOO' is the slogan used by above social organization, trying to create on a social economical way, activities in order to:

-Create quality, durable jobs for people, who, for various social reasons are excluded in the society and have it difficult to find above.

-Create more social jobs, offering services at various social economical organizations like hospitals, elderly care or unemployment organizations, immigrant integration groups,..etc...

-Offer valuable products and services through there 2n hand stores.

-Be part of the recycling and regeneration of used products and create a better environment, protect our natural resources and improve our quality of life.

-Offering an added value to our society.

The core business of 'de kringloop winkels' are the retail stores.  It is the engine of the whole organization. 
As 2nd hand stores, you can find a wide range of various items, like clothing, furniture, books, household, etc... at very competitive prices.   The organization offers a service, to collect all 2nd hand products from the people who want to get off there used products (you can also bring and deposit them yourself ).  
If needed, items like furniture, etc,... are repaired and refreshed, to give a new life.
Next to the 2nd hand stores, there are an other wide range of services offered, in order to create employment.
Services which go from washing and ironing for the local hospital or elderly home, to a complete furniture repair workshop or studio, offering all kind of repairments, etc...

The social idea still will dominate and be the red line throughout the company and its activities.
Just have a look to one of there stores and concept.

Or have a view to this funny presentation.

As you can see, a very interesting concept, focusing on a merely social and environmental policy.  Just a other way to be different.

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