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As already informed in our previous posts, Amazon has plans to open its first physical store in Manhattan, close to the famous Macy's.  This kind of showroom, warehouse facility will offer, its, mainly own high tech products like Kindle e-readers, tablets, smart phones, to some key other branded products of the Amazon catalog. .(the ones we like to see, try and touch before buying them), offering a 24hours quick delivery same day service.  The store would also function as a pickup and product return  base for the internet orders.

The main idea is getting more detail feedback on its products from the consumers, responding at the same time to a quiet big part of consumers, who buy still more emotional. (like to see and touch, before buying)

Considered as a test case, according to the results,..several similar sales points are planned.

Where Amazon, have shaken up completely, the classical retail market, offering lower prices, buying online, downgrading the physical store to merely, a showroom. (as clients try the product in the store but buy it online), today we see a swift towards a needed physical presence in the market.  Today,  most physical existing retailers have adapted there strategy and offer at the same time a sales point (with well prepared sales staff and good personal service) and the facilities to buy at home through there own website. (but never forgetting there core business strategy,..the physical retailing).
As already mentioned before,...they are fare more ahead ....than Amazon.

The 'Pixmania' experience and failure in Europe, has shown, that selling online, at much lower prices than your physical competitors, having at the same time, a kind of store, showroom in a quiet expensive A1 location, not profitable and most of the time fatal for above strategy and or company. The obtained retail margins (due to the selling at very low prices and the tremendous extra costs of the 'return goods' service) does not allow any mayor costs.

Often, the consumer gets confused and you will perceived, as neither good at both.  As always, it is important to stick to what you know the best.
At the end you always win, when you do, what you know.

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