lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2012


In line with our retail concept of the month,..especially as we already mentioned before...TO BE SUCCESSFUL, YOU HAVE TO BE DIFFERENT... we dedicate this special to Loods 5, a Dutch lifestyle, decoration and furniture concept.  Perhaps not that much for its products the items sold, are mainly quiet basic and can be found in each lifestyle and decoration store,...but more for its originality, concept and product presentation.
Loods 5 acts as a kind of big showroom (industrial looking warehouse), cash and carrry,...offering a wide range of different products of various importers, suppliers and wholesalers, who actually wanted to get rid of their overstock and not sold items.  Those companies are renting a space at Loods 5 (there actually more than 200 suppliers), offering their products at their stipulated price.  Loods 5 takes care of the complete layout, sales staff, marketing en management, en exchange of % on the sales of the goods.   The fact that their are so many suppliers and the continuous flow of new products, together with this well thought en very attractive concept, makes it complete.  The store is divided into a kind of Ikea, concept looking store, (but much more attractive and not that stereo type and clean) where the client has to follow the routing, passing by the various product groups like furniture, kitchen, bath and bed accessories, kitchen, design, lighting, art...and at the end the coffee shop.  Although, it was originally seen, more, as an outlet, they started to offer day to day collections at regular prices.  (maybe this could give you some bad surprise ....).  Today, they function more as a regular furniture and decoration store and also offer the latest collections, next to their special offers.
Nevertheless, it is definitely worthwhile a visit, just for seeing, the way they have set up their concept and the beautiful use and presentation of the products.
Go and visit them...and or surf to and read their blog.  Very interesting tips.

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