sábado, 29 de diciembre de 2012



After 5 years through a tough economical period, we all kept the private and professional marks of this never ending situation.  Those who try to convince us that it will finish this year,..just are the same which have repeated every year the same story.  Believe me...it will take some more time than just this year and our economical system will never be as it was before.  The old system does not exist anymore and some of our lifetime privileges are going to disappear.  It is time to start working differently.  NEVER WASTE A GOOD CRISIS.  Start with this new management style, drop this way of authority towards autonomy. More time for CREATIVITY and RESPONSIBILITY with the employer and employee...even if it goes that not good.  So...more efficiency, using the latest technology.
So, managers of today,..don´t be afraid of the employee with a new perspective,..with some dreams.  Be open for a new story.  Do not see each provocation as a form of anarchism, but a form to the need of new perspective in life.  Lets drop the old management control system en lets try something different.
Just different and better...

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