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In line with our previous post about '10 reasons, why you should have a website', we like to give your some key points what to consider, when you start setting up you web.  Starting up a website, is more than a just a good idea or a good looking website.  You will get confronted with a the technical part of it and a lot of questions.  How to set up the right web, where and how to start, what kind of design, payment process, etc....

We can detect 4 problem areas, when entrepreneurs start to set up their website:

*Those who have no website and do not have the knowhow where or how to start up.
*Those who let make a website by an external company, but do not know, how to handle or manage to work with it and depend completely on above external company for whatever use.
*Those who have a website, but not a good one.  (few visitors or marketing functionality, lack of clear marketing strategy)
*Those who have a website, but not profitable. There few websites, who makes money.  (you can have a lot of visitors, but few sales results)

As entrepreneur, try to focus on the things you do well.  Making a website, is business of specialists in E-commerce.   So, make use of their knowledge.  Do not waste your time, trying to create one your self.  However, be aware, not to be depend completely on your website builder, as each time you will have the need to change something , it will become a very expensive situation, using above service for whatever change needed.

As retailer, you are used, to do in your daily business, almost everything.  Your managing, programming, designing, selling and taking care of the distribution and client service.  A good and easy to use website, will allow you to dedicate your time mainly on managing.  An automatic well organized website will manage all above process, allowing you the change, adapt or even ameliorate continuously.

A good sales page with continuos offers will take away, part of the role of a salesperson and a including blog will allow you to be updated with vital client information and being continuously in touch with your clients.

Maybe you have it in mind or maybe you have started already your website,...but do not underestimate the POWER of a good website.  A lot of retailers, see the website as something to have, just next to their store (because it is the talk of the town,....), but not as an very important tool to captivate future clients.  So, make use of it.

When starting with your website, you can select various ways of website solutions. 

*You can make your own website or let it make by a professional.
*You can use special auction web sites like E-bay,..
*You can use a pre-instaleted standard website, which you can personalize the way you like. (Ex. Strato)
*You can use open source websites software packages. It is a kind of standard software, available for everybody, but adaptable to your specific needs. (Ex. osCommerce)

Example to

It is clear that, depending the size and importance of your company, you will have to select one of above ways.  By experience and in order to start, we like to recommend you to use a pre-installed standard website, as they relatively cheap (you pay a monthly fee), very well organized and developed and easy to use.  
They will allow you to set up easily and very fast a very attractive website.  On a later base and if your website starts to be profitable, you can always upgrade to another solution.

In order to have a good website, it is important to know the basics and essentials, about a website.  So, start reading.  Visit and learn about existing websites.  Define your strategy, product groups, suppliers, way of logistics and payment systems.  Once, you have set up your website, make use of the existing tools, like google, blogs, Facebook,... to create continuous interest in your web, changing and or adapting your website on a regular base.


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