martes, 5 de febrero de 2013


Week 5

Clients, idea 5
Put the maximum out of your store and change the possible clients to real clients.  Do you know, how many clients have walked through your door?  Did they bought something, or just walked away with nothing.  We called it the conversion rate (%).  Its is the number of people visiting your store in a certain time period, dividing by the number of orders, made in that same period, multiplying by 100.  It will allow you, to see how efficient your store really is.  Imagine that you have 100 people visiting your store in one day, but only 10, are buying something,.. that means that 90 persons did not buy anything or did not found what they were looking for in your store  (most of the time, if a client go to a store, there exist a need for something). So, lets imagine that from the 90 people, we could motivate 15, to buy in your store.  Can you imagine,..your results....?
Knowing your conversion rate, will allow you to analyze in detail why and how you can obtain better results.  So, install this customer store meter and start increasing your turn-over.

Internal System, idea 4
A store has to live, has to be a permanent moving and changing of products.  Be careful, that your store does not become a museum. Today, clients like to touch the products, try or feel them.  Your presented goods, have to be easy to take and to try. Each obstacle, could complicate the eventual buying process.
Do you have a promotion,..are you having enough items in your store and or stock..?  What about the collections presented in the shop window?...Most of the time,..those items sell provide the necessary stock.

Employees, idea 3
How to motivate your people continuously, is probably one of the most important parts of your store management.  For those, who believe that the salary is the only way to have them stimulated, today the main reasons for keeping them motivated are quiet different.  The working environment, the colleagues
from work, the promotion possibilities, flexible working hours,...are considered as the most important reasons for people to continuo in their job.  Today, especially in todays economical complicate situation, people are looking for different values and stability.  However, it is important not to believe that by just offering stability and at the same time cutting all standard general minimum working conditions, you will be able to keep them motivated.  Try to look for both...

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