lunes, 18 de febrero de 2013


Week 7

Employees, idea 4
Always try to be positive in the use of your communications towards your employees.  Often, we are used to criticize the work, instead of using first positive comments, informing them on things to approve or to do better.  By putting the emphasis on the good things done, you will create a good and positive atmosphere, openness to listen and motivation of the person to accept and change little errors and mistakes.  Always, put yourself into the place of the employee, to understand his possible reaction.  Just think twice, before sending or commenting.

Clients, idea 6
In order to captivate the attention of the clients and stimulate the sales, often, we use various price tags, labels and boards, communicating our product offers in the store.  (especially use full in case, our salespeople are not available to respond)
However, it is important that those boards go in line with your store image and transmit the message you want to communicate. By using the right materials, colors, type of lettres, prices and key slogans you will be able to transmit, but be also aware that an excess or wrong or excessive use of those forms of communication can create a revers effect with your clients. Never forget that the what counts is the product.

Internal system, idea 5
Try to use the retail calendar, in order to make your store activity planning.  It will allow you, to organize various activities, be a guideline for your internal organization and stimulate your sales. Start setting up this activities from the beginning of the year, taking in account al details, in order to coordinate them, to achieve the best results.  Often, some things need to be organized and ordered before.  It is clear if you plan a Valentines action, you will need to coordinate it before in the media and maybe also organize extra sales staff in order to help.
So, try to be creative with your yearly retail marketing calendar. 

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