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The city, that decorates itself....

Talking about Copenhagen, is talking about decoration. It can be considered like the world capital for all those who love to decorate their homes, being creative, trendy but still unique.  The vibrant Danish capital, has all what you need, to restyle or decorate your house.  Surrounded by beautiful old harbor port buildings, along the various canals,  mixed up with spectacular contemporary architecture, each corner of this historical trade city will surprise you. 
Although the main commercial 'Stroget' street, homes major retail chains, in it near surroundings you will find a lot of little streets full of lovely shops and outlets, offering a wide range of lovely products.
To find the more creative area, just cross the bridge across the harbor and visit 'Christianshavn', a melt pot and the home of artists, architects, writers and creatives.  A beautiful historical 17th century neighborhood, full of old townhouses, warehouses, modernist apartment blocks, full of shops, restaurants and bars, divided by canals.  The nearby Royal Opera House, in the 'Holmen' district, along with the various academies of arts, film and music, are creating a young bohemian lovely atmosphere. 
You feel like learning everything about the Danish architecture and urban design culture, just visit the Danish Architecture Center, situated in beautiful historical building.  You will love it.

For those who like to see, the latest on Danish design furniture, just drop in 'Vestergaard Mobler'
or for fanatics of retro, visit Retro Villa....with its amazing wall paper collection.  


Or just jump into 'Kirk', for a wide range of accessories for your home....

...and do not forget 'Frizsche Glashandel', one of the oldest craft glass stores in the world for beautiful in blown glass or the famous Norman designer store. (like already described in on of our monthly retail concepts)

For a nice breakfast or lunch, just go to 'Café Wilder', a french style, very popular café.....

.....or do you feel like having a good beer, you still have one of the oldest taverns of Copenhagen, the 'Eiffel Bar'.

....and do not forget 'Noma' the best restaurant of the world....

As you can see, there are so many things to see, try and enjoy in Copenhagen.  This, is just a little glimpse of what, this exiting, cosmopolitan, but human city has to offer.
O.. by the not forget to use the bike, as it is the perfect way to discover this lovely place.

So,...well known, for their hospitality...'Nyde Dit Ophold'....

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