lunes, 28 de enero de 2013


Week 4

Internal system, idea 3

Put your priorities en order.  Sometimes, we have the intention to organize our priorities always in line with our most urgent matters or when something happens.  Managing a store, is managing your priorities in order of importance. Priorities general depend most of the time of the retail calendar. (ex. the priority in sales period, is having the much goods in the store,in order to try to sell the much possible) Some priorities are sometimes not that urgent, but could have a mayor importance on the results. So make a priority classification in your store.  This will allow you, to act  automatically and very fast, in case of unprovided situations.  It also, will avoid discussions of who or what...has done right or wrong.  Important that your staff knows this priorities. Priorities can be organized by year, month and or week and by one time or repeated tasks.

Clients, idea 4
Do not allow, that your clients leaf you.  As already explained before, you have to take care of your clients continuously.   This you can do, by creating a membership.  Those clients, generally represent a big part of your clients and business volume.  Al lot of those clientes,  however, disappear after a while, as they need a permanent attention and the feeling of belonging to something.  So, reward those clients by offering better service and sometimes bigger discounts, in line with the time, they are client of your store.  A good repeated communication is vital.  Try to know, what they permanently think (via blog, opinion polls,..) or what they like or not like of your store.  It will allow you, to adapt your store very quickly to the todays needs.  It will also maintain your clients.  Do not forget, is always easier maintaining clients than making new clients.

Products, idea 2
Always prepare your store, upon receiving of your products.  Always try to avoid, to fill your store with new stock of products during opening hours, as it always will disturb your clients and distract your sale staff.  All the time, that they are occupied with the filling of the goods into the shelfs, they can not be with the client.  It has also been proven, that mayor errors in stock inventory happen during reception of the goods.  So, by making your priority list, adapt you employees working hours, the way that some, can do the reception of the goods and its register in the computer system before opening the store.  It will save you a lot of errors.

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