martes, 8 de enero de 2013


Each week, we will take you into the world of retailing, explaining the business vocabulary, related to retail.  

our weekly retail vocabulary lesson
week 1

NEVER-OUT LIST : Mainly used by retailers, for the best selling high volume items.  By keeping stock of those products, they are ensured to be always available and presented in the store.  So never out of stock.  Very important, as often stores lose a lot of money, not having those popular items in stock.

IMPULS PURCHASES : When customers purchase products or services, without any planning or intention to buy before, mainly influenced and pushed by media like television, internet,..etc...Also,
the position of this products in the store is very important.  Mainly, they are put at the end,..when people are going to pay.

LEADER PRICING : In order to create traffic into the store, some products in the store are offered with lower margins than other products.  Through media, the intention is, to attract the consumer to the store and the hope to sell the more regularly priced goods and services in addition to the special offers.

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