martes, 29 de enero de 2013


Week 4

Basic Stock Method : A kind o inventory planning tool, in order to maintain a continuous level of stock, most of time more than you expect to sell in a specified period. Part of the never-out-of-stock system.  Mainly used for basic high rotation items.

A Category Killer Store : A term used for a kind of store type, mainly large and specialized in one group of products, selling mostly at low prices. A store concept with a lot of future.  Sometimes, it is better to be the best in one product group, offering a wide range of items in this specific area, with the best service and with the most competitive prices instead of trying to sell everything, but be average in your offer.

Non- Store Retailing : A form of reaching and selling to your consumers through other ways than your usual store.  Can happen through direct selling, vending, direct marketing,...Could be complementary to you actual store business and a good tool for incrementing your turn-over.

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