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Like mentioned before, here you can find our weekly ideas and tips, to sell more into your store.  We have divided the ideas into groups. Sure, you remember our Retail Pyramid, where we explained you the importance of the employees, products, systems and clients and the impact of those on the results.

- Employees
- Products
- Internal Systems
- Clients

So, each week we will present them, by group.  Here they are....

Employees, idea 1
A vision without action is a dream, an action without vision is losing time.  An action with vision is right to the target.  Everybody in the company, needs a target, a clear vision in its work, a kind of identification and or satisfaction, a feeling that we are or have realized something in our work.  Very important that the employees know the vision of the company and that they feel identified with it.
They like to belong to it.  So,..ensure your company vision is clear and that your people know it.

Clients, idea 1
Fidelizing you clients is probably one of the most important things in your store, especially today with a lower flow of customers, due to the economical situation.  One of your main company targets, should be creating and maintaining a continuous communication and relation with your consumer, sending them regular valuable information, tips, promotions, presentations,....etc..in order to build up this permanent link.  By creating a kind of membership, captivating the client, when his is paying, by offering the store client card, you start to create this valuable relation between both. By using the latests forms of technology like Facebook, Twitter,...), you maintain the client informed and create added value towards your store and or brand. Those clients are the best ambassadors of your business and are going to promote your product through their contacts.  At the end,..more clients and more sales.  However, don't  forget,...the client always wants 'value for his money'.

Products, idea 1
As already mentioned before, today, to be successful, you have to be different than others,..different in your concept, product, price and service. The key of your exit, lays for a big part in offering something, sticking out above the usual.  
In a todays complicated market, 'sensitive marketing' is very important and a reason why clients go to your store, to buy your product and not to another store. Today, we like to feel again,..something different,..some value,..some memory,...some identification,...
Does your store has this difference?

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